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Escape to the quaint coastal town of Ocean Falls where family and football reign, and tides, tension and emotions run high. This fast paced, dual POV contemporary romance trilogy treads though laughs, heartbreak, resilience, second chances and the meaning of chosen family. 18+.



October 20, 2020

Greyson, aka Tack, was counting down the days when he could leave behind the sleepy, coastal Texas town of Ocean Falls. He had dreams of being selected first overall in the NFL draft and although he’d met the girl of his dreams, he’d grown used to everything he loved slipping away. Only this time, he too had a hand in their downfall.
Presley, Ocean Falls’ sweetheart, had big dreams of her own. She fell in love with contemporary dance at a young age, but when she fell in love again, her junior year, her entire future was rerouted. One night, one mistake, and things would never be the same. At least she had Greyson at her side… Only she didn’t.


June 30, 2022

With the NFL draft just days away, moody sports agent Dax “City” DeLuca, must ensure his NFL draft party goes off without a hitch for his top client. Being new to Ocean Falls and with his client preoccupied with his old high school sweetheart, he needs some help. In walks sassy stunner, Belle Campbell, the woman he’s been infatuated with since they met.
Greyson was still a liability in the eyes of many in sports media, so even the tiniest faux pas could threaten his place in the draft, and ultimately, the first few years of his NFL career. It’s Dax’s job to make sure that doesn’t happen. Dax knows the business side of things, but catering, decor, and southern hospitality are best left to Belle.

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April 27th, 2023

All grown up and making a life of her own, Paisley Masterson stumbles into a local bar to escape a sudden downpour outside. Soaking wet and in need of a quiet place to study, she figures the all-but-empty little dive will do. Paisley soon finds herself being studied by the bar’s owner whose seemingly quiet demeanor sparks her interest and curiosity.
Eight years earlier, Micah Moon’s life took an unexpected turn, but as the owner of both a bar and tattoo-piercing shop, he’s doing quite well for himself. With the dating scene being a thing of the past, Micah is caught off guard by the quirky pre-med beauty with striking blue eyes who is likely half his age.

Ocean Falls Trilogy: My Work
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